Quilts, Bags & Pillowcases OH MY!

Our November SYOB Retreat was great fun!  I thought I’d show you some of the projects that were being worked on.

(sorry the lighting in the studio is not great for pictures)

Roundabout Mary

Mary’s “Roundabout” quilt.

The “Roundabout” quilt was the November project in the Schnibbles club.

Roundabout Sue

More “Roundabout” blocks from Sue.

Shirley's scrap runner

Shirley and her runner from leftovers. Beautiful!

Sandy's "Springtime Baskets"

Sandy’s “Springtime Baskets”.

Karin's rag quilt.

Karin’s rag quilt

Mary's exploding pineapple block quilt

Mary’s exploding pineapple block quilt.

If you haven’t taken a look, I have an exploding pineapple pillow pattern in the free patterns section.  The block is so versatile.  We’ve used it for pillows, quilts, potholders – we LOVE it around here!!

Jeanie made some ADORABLE pillowcases using the burrito method

Jeanie made some ADORABLE pillowcases using the burrito method.


Jeanie, Shirley and Julie were making bags today.

Mary's 2nd Glamour Girls quilt.

Mary’s 2nd Glamour Girls quilt.

If you’re not familiar with the Glamour Girls line of fabric by Robert Kaufman Designs here’s a link to a short version of the story and pictures of the original sketches with the artist/designer of the fabric, Lorene Carnes.  Lorene lives here in Salem Oregon.  As a young art student she sketched these beautiful images.  WW II broke out and she went to work in the ship yards, tucking away her artistic dreams.  Fast forward 70 years……..a family friend who works for Robert Kaufman Designs saw the sketches in Lorene’s garage and well…..the rest is history.

The line of fabric has been very popular here in Lorene’s home town.  Mary loved the fabric and bought an assortment to create with.  She has made three different “Glamour Girl” quilts.  This is quilt #2.  I’ll do a post with pictures of all three once #3 is completed.  They are all different and it’s been so fun to see the quilts come to life at the retreats.

Block close-up

Block close-up

I wanted to show you the block close-up.  I love the way Loretta Orsborn quilted the blocks.  The quilting gives the quilt a very “Art Deco” feel.  It also puts the focus on the Glamour Girls.  We LOVE Loretta’s quilting!!

Hope you enjoyed the project inspiration from retreat!

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October 2013

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Retreat Fun!

It was retreat weekend in the studio.  I love retreat weekend!  It’s a long Friday evening and all day Saturday of quilting, laughing, friendship and yummy food.  It makes me happy to have a room full of quilters enjoying themselves, relaxing and creating.

I thought you might like a peek at some of the projects that were being worked on.

First is Shirley’s Exploding Pineapple pillow top.  Love the colors!  There’s a free copy of this pattern HERE.

Here’s a post on a class we did on these with lots of other pillows to look at.

Shirley's exploding pineapple pillow top

There’s a couple design boards around that can be leaned up against the wall for designing on.  Mary was laying out her original design using the wonderful Glamour Girls fabric.

Mary's Glamour Girls 3

One thing that’s so great about quilting with a group is what we learn from each other.  Here Mary, and Shirley are working with Sue on laying out her Schnibbles quilt.

gals designing

Charlotte was laying out her Schnibbles quilt on the cutting counter.  Working out her border.

Charlotte's Schnibbles quilt

Julie finished her Cabin Play quilt top and has her snuggly flannel back all ready for quilting.

Julie's cabin play

Jeanie worked on these cute little bags.

jeannies bags

Sandy worked on her Ruthie Ann.  Love that Esprit de Noel from French General.

Sandy's Ruthie Ann

It was as beautiful sunny day so Ella spent the afternoon in the backyard.  She spent a lot of her time at the studio window hoping, just hoping someone would come out and play ball with her.  Or better yet, let her in to play with the quilters.  They came to see her anyway, didn’t they?  She thinks quilters are the best.  Her favorite place is in the studio when it’s full of students.


That’s a little peek into the start of our weekend.  What a great start!  Have a good one.

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August 2012

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This Weekends SYOB Retreat Projects

Another great weekend stitching up a storm in the studio.  It was the August SYOB Retreat and I just want to give you a peek at the great projects being worked on.

You can read more about the SYOB Retreats on the Studio page.  They are LOADS of fun!

On Saturday morning before everyone returns for a day of stitching, I love wandering around the studio to see the projects waiting to be worked on.  There are the tidy quilters who leave everything organized and ready to go for the next morning and those who just say “I’m done” and walk away.  I think some of us enjoy working in a bit of clutter and others have to have things neat and tidy.  We had some of each this weekend.  Personally, I like neat and tidy but I’m usually working in some clutter!  What about you?

I took some of these pictures while things were quiet before everyone arrived.

The Left Side ~ Neat as a Pin!

The right side – ummm a bit messy!

The studio is arranged with two sections of 4 tables each for students to work at.  Thus the “sides”.

Finishing a quilt top feels Sooo good!  The quilts above are finished or almost finished.  Charlotte’s Fall Wool quilt is ADORABLE!  This is my favorite block from the quilt~

Pumpkin & Kitty Block from Charlotte’s Wool Quilt

Mary’s black and white tree quilt is to die for.  I would never have chosen black and white but it’s absolutely wonderful.  With the little touch of red…..perfect!

Charlotte’s tree blocks in process are equally adorable but such a different look!  I don’t think those trees could look bad in any fabric. Contrast between the tree fabric and the background is the key.

Kelli’s beachy quilt was up on the design board and we were auditioning borders.  These are the final choices.  Soooo fun!

Flowers & Chocolate! A must in the Studio!

Last but not least ~ as the caption says, Flowers & Chocolates are a MUST in the studio!

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into a SYOB Retreat.

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