July 2014

Sisters Quilt Show ~ part 1

dreaming in color

I know – I’m a couple weeks late at this.  I spent hours putting together a post the day after the show and lost it all.  Hit “publish” and it was GONE!  My computer and I are just now becoming friends again.  I was so disgusted!

On to the show.  It was GREAT!  Did you go?  For those who aren’t familiar with the show, It is the worlds largest outdoor quilt show.  Nationally known Author, Designer, and owner of the fabulous quilt shop, “The Stitchin Post” – Jean Wells – is the founder of the show.  1401 quilts were hung outside for the one day show.  It is held in Sisters, Oregon.  A little town of just over 2000 located on the east side of the Cascade Mountains in Central Oregon.  The main street is closed to cars and opened up to the show attendees.  Traffic is routed around town.  The quilts are hung down the length of the main street and down the side streets on either side for a couple blocks.

The quilts are as varied as the people who come to see them.  From modern to traditional,  artistic to simplistic.  The quilts are often grouped by color or style.  Sometimes the character of the quilts go along with the store/building they’re hung in front of.

Enough chatter ~ there’s to many pictures to show you.  I’ll keep the words to a minimum and let you just enjoy the show!  (photo disclaimer – with all the people and taking pictures mid day in the sun …… they are what they are).

A shot down the main street.

A shot down the main street.

side of stitchin post

hanging 13

hanging 14

hanging 18

hanging 25

iq triangles

iq tree

hanging 3b

iq flag

iq 8 firefighter quilt

iq 7

~ Here’s a few of my favorite quilts ~
Love the Vintagey feel of this one.  I'd love to make it sometime.

Love the Vintagey feel of this one. I’d love to make it sometime.

Love the toys!

Love the toys!

Love the yellow background.  I think I liked this one because I've been wanting to do some kind of string quilt.  It's just cheerful!

Love the yellow background. I think I liked this one because I’ve been wanting to do some kind of string quilt. It’s just cheerful!

Something about the color!

Something about the color!

love, Love, LOVE!

love, Love, LOVE!


What do you think?  There were some GREAT quilts.  Each one has something unique and interesting about it.  Did you see one you’d like to try?

Part 2 of the show coming soon!

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March 2014

So Beautiful!!

This picture is to beautiful not to share.  What an amazing way to display quilts for a show and sale.


If you’d like to read more about this show/sale in Nova Scotia, click here.

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May 2013

Beautiful Quilts

I promised pictures of my favorites from the Mid-Valley quilt show last weekend.  They were taken with my phone, and in show conditions it’s impossible to get great pictures but I think you’ll get the feel of the quilts.  There were some amazing quilts!  I’ll try to put in as few words as possible why I liked the quilt.

triangle pyramids

I’ve always wanted to do a triangle quilt like this.

sunny posies

So sunny and cheerful!

snakey pickledish


shaded with vertical applique

I loved the subtle shading as the backdrop for the applique.

rings around the star

The picture does not do this one justice but it was amazing. Some serious piecing here.

modern dresden

This one has so much to look at. I thought is was so interesting. I would love to take a weekend and “play” around with the ideas here.


Beautiful sharp points and great shading in the piecing.

fun string flowers

Just makes me happy! This is a quilt I’d love to make.

flower sprays

Pretty, Pretty!

flower applique block

This is just one block of a large quilt. In the description the maker challenged herself to use one piece of fabric per flower. To get that shading was pretty incredible and the applique……unbelievable.

Crabapple snowmen

A dear friend stitched the embroidered blocks for me. I’m going to get this pieced for next winter. I AM!

Applique chickens

Amazing and so realistic.

So simple and sweet.  I love vintage toys.

So simple and sweet. I love vintage toys.

Hope you had a chance to go to the show if you’re in the area.

Back to binding!  I’ll be introducing our new patterns for quilt market soon!

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April 2013

Mid-Valley Quilt Guild Show

The bi-annual quilt show in Rickreal Oregon is this week!  Are you going?  If you live in the area you MUST go!  It’s always a great show!  Quilts, Lunch, Shopping ~ could there be anything better??

quilt show

The quilt on the postcard is this years raffle quilt.  Ah-ma-zing!  I buy tickets at each show.  I haven’t won yet but maybe this year…….?

Click here for more info on the show.

This girl’s taking a half day off from Quilt Market prep to enjoy the show with my mom and sister.  I’ll try and post a few pics of my favorite quilts.

Have a GREAT day!!

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