April 2013

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Market is Quickly Approaching!

Six weeks and counting!

Just typing that makes me shudder a bit.  International Quilt Market (from my old blog) is mid May and I’m working hard to get new patterns ready for release.  Lots of sample sewing, pattern writing and testing going on right here.

Before I get to far I have to say I COULD NEVER DO THIS ALL ON MY OWN!  I have wonderful quilty friends that help sew, test, edit, bind, an assistant that takes care of the things I can’t get to and an AMAZING long arm quilter who makes my quilts sing.  I’m so thankful for each and every one of them.

Today I had a day where I could just stay home and sew all day.  Those have been a bit rare lately.  Thought I’d share with some pics.

This past weekend I got 5 projects off to the quilter so it was regroup and get rolling on the next batch.

Looking around the room ~


Backing piecing in process

Back piecing in process.

Chevron project

Chevron project









A basket full of lushious minky type fabric for a new pattern.

A basket full of lushious minky type fabric for a new pattern.


New fabric for new quilts!

New fabric for new quilts!


I'm in love with these little lovelies!

I’m in love with these little lovelies!










Pin Board

Pin Board

I pinned up some swatches for some fabric combo’s last night.  Sometimes I need to think and mull on combo’s for awhile.  It helps to have them pinned up somewhere where I’ll see them a lot to help me decide.

And before I could get started today I had to get these two settled.  You’ve all meet Ella, the speckled girl is Kindle.  My daughter’s german shorthair pointer.  She is Ella’s very best buddy and staying with us for 10 days while Bethany and her hubby are on a 5 yr anniversary cruise.

On your beds!

On your beds!

Here's your bones to keep you busy.

Here’s your bones to keep you busy.

YES!  They're asleep - well, almost.  Close your eye Ella~

YES! They’re asleep – well, almost. Close your eye Ella~

LOTS of strips ready for some strip piecing.  I love the pullout.  So convenient.

LOTS of strips ready for some strip piecing. I love the pullout. So convenient.

Ready to go!

Ready to go! Working with some great flannel from Maywood Studios today.











It’s been a good day.  Did you get to do some sewing today?

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March 2013

Technical Difficulties and fun Small Quilts

Well I’m back…….

Don’t know if you noticed but we were experiencing technical difficulties the last few days.  Monday’s Motivation flew by without a post.  It wouldn’t let me post!!  Technology is one of the most frustrating things to me because sometimes there’s just not a bloomin thing you can do about it!!  Hopefully this issue is behind us.

Check out these adorable FINISHED Coin Toss quilts.  Coin Toss was our project last month and a few students brought their finished quilts to class Monday.

Charlotte's Coin Toss

Charlotte’s Coin Toss

Cynthia's Coin Toss

Cynthia’s Coin Toss

Sonja's Coin Toss

Sonja’s Coin Toss

Coin Toss ChristmasCoin Toss resized

















These two are my Coin Toss quilts.  It’s such a fun little quilt.  I’m really thinking about making it a larger quilt.  This little guy is 18″ x 23″.  Perfect for a small wallhanging or for a table.

Which one do you like best?  Everytime I look at them my favorite changes.  I love them all!

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February 2013

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Are you a Flange Girl?

I’ve always loved a flange on a quilt.  I’ve designed quilts with flanges.


Diamonds For Judith

Diamonds for Judith


Flanges are a three dimentional trim piece stitched into a seam as an accent.  Sometimes a quilt needs a little accent, not another border.  I love them!  They are so simple and very effective.

I’ve seen flanges used at the edge of the binding but never tried it.  In the Stash Club the quilt we are making in the February class is “Chubby Logs” from the book, “Skip the Borders” by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts.  The pattern has a flange at the binding, so here was my chance to give it a try as I make a sample of each quilt we’re doing before class.


Chubby Logs with flange

Is that not AWESOME!  That little red edge along the binding absolutely made the quilt!  I’m so excited about it.


Chubby Logs

A flange is a strip of fabric, folded in half, wrong sides together.  Lay the folded flange on the edge of the quilt with raw edges aligned and baste onto the quilt with an 1/8″ seam allowance.  Stitch a strip to each side of the quilt.  Leave it as is, laying against the quilt.  Stitch a strip to the top and bottom.


flange close up

That’s it!  Bind as normal and you have that beautiful accent around your quilt!

Keep in mind that it’s a narrow accent which means any wobbling in your stitching shows.  So take your time and be sure the flange is lined up perfectly along the edge of the quilt and then stitch the binding on along the same edge.  Just keep things lined up well and stitch straight!

For an 1/8″ flange cut your strips 3/4″ wide, 1/4″ flange – cut strips at 1″.

Have you ever made a quilt with a flange?  What do you think of them?  I hope you’ll give it a try.  It really does add something special to a quilt.

Have a GREAT weekend!!

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January 2013

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Hearts on Parade!

Well Valentines Day is quickly approaching so I thought I’d have a little parade of heart quilts, just for fun (I promise, the organizing your stash ideas are coming).  I haven’t done a new heart quilt for awhile but still love the others and the patterns are still available.





Antique Heart



Antique Hearts is a color wash type design with a viney heart wallhanging.  24″ x 26″.


charmed hearts final




Charmed Hearts




A little 17″ x 20″ walhanging made from a charm pack a a couple fat quarters.  The layered hearts have a softly scalloped, raw edge giving a little ruffle effect.




My Love




A lap size version of Charmed Hearts.  It also has the raw edge layered hearts.  This quilt gets better and better with washing!  The edges of the hearts ruffle and look so great.  54″ x 63″.  Click on the picture for a closer look at the color version you like.






Be My Valentine




A machine appliqued motif and scalloped inside border make this wallhanging special.  For Valentines Day or any day!  22″ x 25″.


cover picture

Hearts of Love

Hearts of Love is not on the website but if you’d like a copy email me through the contact me button under my bio on the right side bar.

Hearts of Love was the second pattern I wrote, 8 years ago.  I still love this pattern.  We used it for our project in the Home Dec. Club this month.  Here’s a few of the wallhangings made by students.


Mary's Hearts of Love

Mary’s firey hearts in batiks with a touch of black!

Shirley's Hearts of Love

Shirley’s so sweet in pink!

Sue's Hearts of Love

Sue’s chocolate hearts!

Laura's Hearts of Love 2

Linda’s girly valentine! Sorry about the blur.  Note the fussy cut letters in the cornerstone L O V E.

Do you decorate for Valentines Day?  I do ~ a little.  A few quilts, some hearts and a few things in vignettes that are valentiney plus a little Heart sign at the door.

What do you do for Valentines Day?

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