June 2013

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A little rest and relaxation!

I’ve just returned from a much needed break with my family.  We all need a little R & R at times.  It’s been a nice break.  I’m so thankful that all my kids could make it.  For those of you with adult children you know how challenging it can be to get everyone together, let alone for a whole week!

Just a little glimpse into our Alaskan Cruise.

the kids at Glacier

Baby Joe’s the only one that didn’t come.  We didn’t think this vacation was a good fit for a 1 year old.  From left to right – Jason (kiddo #3), Ryan (kiddo #1), Bethany (Ryan’s wife), Sam (Ryan and Bethany’s first), Bethany (kiddo #2), and Jeff (Bethany’s husband).  I love them all so much!  They are each amazing people.

My parents came ~

My parents came ~


along with my sister and her husband.

We cruised the inside passage in Alaska.  We sailed from Seattle on a beautiful sunny day.

Ketchikan ~ Juneau ~ and Skagway where the ports we visited.  Also spent a morning cruising the Tracy Arm Fjord.

Jason and I cruised the Misty Fjords in Ketchikan.  The kids and I visited the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau and a large group of us took a trip through the mountainside on the White Pass railway in Skagway.

Throughout the trip we were delighted to see some fun wild life that we don’t see here at home.  Bear climbing a tree, a beautiful Caribou just staring at the train, mama seals with their babies, orca’s, killer whales, porpoises.  It was pretty amazing!

Alaska was experiencing a bought  of unusually nice weather while we were there.  It was great!

Now I’m going to leave you with a string of my favorite pictures from the trip.  this is when my web-guy would say, “wow! that was a content rich post”!  I think that means I got carried away with the pictures!  :-)

 Seattle sail away

eagle close-up

glacier close up

group train pic

heading out to Misty Fjords 2 Ketchican sign with mountians

Ketchican sunset


leaving skagway 3


Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau

misty fjords  bi-plane skagway from the train

skagway sunset

Tracy arm 1

train shot 4 train shot

Last but not least, this is Sam in his suit for formal night on the ship.  He was the most handsome fella there (trust me, he got LOTS of attention from the ladies)!

sam formal night

Whether you have a big vacation planned for this summer or not, be sure to make a little R & R time for yourself.

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November 2012

Gratefulness can change so much!

The day after the presidential elections can be a thrilling time or a bit discouraging depending on how the outcome aligns with your thoughts and beliefs.

I had the pleasure of working with Kerrie Palmer on the Women’s Ministries council for the church we both attended.  She’s one of those incredibly inspiring people.  No matter what she’s going through, she remains positive and continues believing and trusting in the Lord.  She has a blog she posts to and I loved her thoughts for today.  I especially loved this quote:

When we refuse to enter into complaining and negativity, when we cultivate gratefulness, planting seeds of thanksgiving, when we intentionally thank God every step of the way, the world changes.

Click here for a link to her blog and today’s post on Thanksgiving and how it can change the world. 

Learning to cultivate Thanksgiving and Gratefulness~

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August 2012

Are you ever in a Funk?

I hope you’ve had a GREAT summer!  I’ve had a very busy one, GOOD busy!  But I found myself in a funk.  There’s not really any other way to say it, FUNK.  Not quite right. 

I had some projects I needed to work on and had a free afternoon so I sat down to my machine and began sewing.  Half way through the afternoon I realized “I’m feeling really good” and it dawned on me – I’d been so busy I hadn’t taken the time to CREATE in awhile.


I ran across this on Pinterest that evening and it completely summed up my Funk.  That built in yearning to create had not been meet.  I’m at my best when I can spend a little time each day (or at least often) to meet that inner desire.

What is your inner desire that feeds your soul?  Is it creating, writing, serving others.  If you don’t know…give it some serious thought. 

Be sure to make the time to nourish your soul.

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