January 2016

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Monday’s Motivations

Sorry for the absence ~ Holidays, being out of town ….. lots kept me from posting.  But I’m back and ready to get back in the groove!  How are you?  How were your holidays?  Good I hope and looking forward to a new year.

looking 1-11-16

As we begin a new year there’s lots of reflection and planning for the future.  Both are good but we can become obsessive about it.  Getting stuck in the past, which cannot be changed, accomplishes nothing.  Focusing all our attention on the future can absolutely rob you of the present.

I loved the way the quote above puts this.  Suggesting our looks back and forward are done in a healthy way.  We need to plant ourselves in the present, being grateful and living a life where we extend grace and love to ourselves and others.

I hope and pray as you enter 2016 that you are hopeful and expectant of a year full of Joy and Love.

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January 2015

Monday’s Motivation ~ Happy New Year!

happy new year

2015!  A New Year, an opportunity for a fresh start.  Do you make New Years resolutions?  I don’t really make resolutions but I do focus on what changes and goals I’d like to focus on for the year.  I’ve chosen a word for the year in the past.  Here’s a few that have made the cut – Joy, Love, Intentional living.  This year my word in CALM.

Never be in a hurry

OK, that up there – EASIER SAID THAN DONE!

Back up a little.  As many of you know, last year was QUITE THE YEAR!  There were lots of good, fun, exciting changes in my life.  But I felt like I was running and behind all year.  I don’t like that feeling.  It’s stressful.

I will always have a full plate.  That’s just me.  I can have a full plate but still be calm and have a peace in my heart.  How?  These are a few things I will focus on to accomplish the calm and peace I’m after.  It will take disciple but this is what I’ll be focusing on.

1.  Spending time with God always centers me and gives me peace and joy.  More time with God!

2.  Don’t let my brain stress me out!  I can overwhelm myself with the ticker tape of “need to do’s” running through my brain.  Focus on being calm.

3.  Plan ahead and be ready.  Don’t plan to much and “plan” that things will take longer than expected.

4.  Don’t pack my schedule tight.  Leave free time so when things come up, it’s no biggie.

What is your New Years Resolution/Goals?  Will you be committing to making any changes in 2015?

I wish you the best in the coming year – may all your dreams come true!!

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December 2013

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happy new year

How will you be starting your new year?  I’m starting mine with a gift from my grandbabies.  A nasty rotten cold.  They both fell sick while here for Christmas – to the point we were in urgent care on the 23rd.  Each with double ear infections, one with a 103 fever, the other with bronchitis.  Needless to say, they were pretty sick puppies.  Hope you are healthy and well as you start your new year.

On a brighter side, my daughter Bethany and I packed and organized MANY boxes, preparing for the big move!  :-)  One of my goals for this year is to REALLY organize and purge the “stuff” as I move.  Even though I do clean out and try and stay organized, after being in the same house for 28 years……well I’m sure you can guess.


My family is beginning this year with the excitement of my youngest son’s engagement!

BeFunky_vingetteJ & H fireplace.jpg

Jason proposed to his girlfriend Heather a couple days ago while they were celebrating a late Christmas with her family in her home town, Pine City Minnesota.  We’re so happy for them!  We love Heather.  She’s such an easy fit into the family and a great fit for Jason.


Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book.

Write a good one.

What will your book be about this year?  Will you take charge and direct your year?  Make things happen?  Be purposeful as you live each precious day you’re given?  That’s what I’ll be striving for this year.  What goals are you working toward this year?  I’d love the hear about them.

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January 2013

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Happy 2013!

Are you all ready for a great year?  I am!  Last year at this time we talked about organization and our focus for the coming year.  Well I’m returning to those themes as they are just what I do the beginning of each year.  Instead of an ENORMOUS post I’m going to break it up.  The topic for January will be organization.  I’ll share ideas and tips throughout the month on organization, for your home, life and of course quilting.

Last year my “focus” for the year was JOY.  Choosing JOY each and every day with the help of the Lord.  If you’d like to read last years post here it is.

This year I want to live INTENTIONALLY.  I’m one of those personalities that tends to just let each day come as it may and live it.  While in some ways that’s good, you can also get to the end of the year and ask, “What did I really do this year?  Was it meaningful?  Did I make a difference?”  Most importantly, did I do what God called me to do?  That’s the most important thing to me.  This time next year I want to be able to say, “yes I did, and this is what I did!”

I found this sign on Pinterest (love that Pinterest) and thought this would be great to focus on to help me achieve my goal for the year.Live Simply

Live Simply ~ this will be the hardest for me.  I like to do things large and make a bigger deal out of them than totally necessary.  I love decorating and “fussing” with things.  I need to work on that.  The Lord wants us to have a simple life so we can follow Him more completely.

Dream Big ~ I think I dream big at times.  Sometimes it’s reasonable to chase those dreams and sometimes not.  They have to line up with the other goals in your life.  The Lord wants us to dream and not sit by and waste away.  We just have to be sure they align with His will.

Be Grateful ~  I’m so grateful for my life, salvation, family and friends ……The Bible tells us to be thankful in everything.  I need to work on the EVERYTHING part.  Some days it’s a lot easier to be Grateful than others.  My focus is what will determine whether I can be grateful in that moment or not.

Give Love ~ to be honest, I think I give love selectively.  I need to love EVERYONE as God loves everyone equally.  That’s tough.  Some people are more loveable that others!  As I type this – this one may be the toughest after all.  Hmmmmm

Laugh Lots ~ I love laughing with friends, my grandbabies, Ella, my kids …….. A little while back I saw part of a documentary that talked about how the chemistry in your body changes when you smile.  You don’t even have to have anything to smile about.  If you make yourself smile you will feel better.  The Bible tells us to be joyful and merry.  I think that probably includes laughing!

Sooo this post got a little more personal and challenged me a little more than I expected.  That’s good though.  It will help me in my goal for the year.


Annual New Years Giveaway!

Now ~ I’m going to have my Annual New Years Giveaway!  This week I’d love to hear from you about the topics I talked about above.  We’ll spend two days on each topic.  We’ll start today with Live Simply.  In a couple days (on the 4th) I’ll post about the next topic (Dream Big).  You may post on each topic.  For each thought you leave, you’re name will be put in the hat for the drawing.  The contest will end Saturday, 1/12/13.  The prize will be a tote FULL of quilting goodies!!  Who wouldn’t love that!!  So be sure and visit every couple days and post on each contest post.  You could be the winner.  Need a little reminder to visit?  Sign up on the right sidebar to receive each post I post to the blog via email.  It will be delivered straight to your mail box!

Live Simply

As I said above, this will be a tough one for me.  I think I’m going to start with getting my house in better order.  Clean out and get rid of some things I’ve hung on to for to long.  Here I come Goodwill, Kids, Quilting friends……anyone who might be able to use what I don’t need!!

I love this quote and think it’s soooo true ~ Outer order contributes to inner calm.    by Gretchen Ruben  So I’ll be working on getting my “OUTER” in order.  That will be the start of simplyfying my life.

How about you?  What do you do to simplify your life, or what could you do that would simplify things?  I’d love to hear your tips!

Talk to you in a couple days!

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