May 2015

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Moda at Quilt Market 2015

For the last few years Moda has been grouping all their designers booths around the perimeter of the sales area.  It’s fun to see them all in one location instead of spread out in the nearby rows.  Their booths are always lovely and full of inspiration.  I thought I’d save most of these pictures for a blog post.  It gives you a better look at the photos and would be crazy to post them all on social media, ONE BY ONE!

So enjoy the tour through the Moda designers booths.

Fig Tree ~ Farmhouse line coming in September!

fig tree booth


Miss Rosie farmhouse quilt

Vanessa Goetzen’s 2nd line with Moda ~ Gooseberry

Vanessa Goertzen booth

Gooseberry Vanessa Goertzen

V & Co ~ loving her color lines!  We’ll be getting part of this line.

v and co booth

V and Co bags

V and co dresses

Kansas Troubles

Kansas Troubles booth

Minick & Simpson ~ I’m soooo in love with the “Dots” quilt!!

Minick and simpson

Janet Clare ~ lovin the blue and stars!

Janet Clare booth

 Corey Yoder ~ new designer, we’re getting her “Prairie” line

Corey Yoder

Prairie capsets

 Prairie quilt

 Basic Grey ~ “Mon Ami”, yep we’re getting this one!

Basic Grey booth

 Basic Grey bench

 Bunny Hill ~ the Doxie quilt ……

Bunny Hill Booth

 doxie quilt

American Jane ~ LOVE the balloons! 

American Jane Booth

 Erin Michael ~ new designer yes that’s a quilt on the floor!

erin Michael booth

 purebread quilt

1 Canoe 2 ~ also new designers

1 canoe 2 booth  1 canoe 2 quilt

 1 canoe 2 Tucker Prairie

 Me & My Sisters ~ love the spools and jars!

Me and My sisters booth

Pat Sloan ~ FUN!

Pat Sloan booth

Jan Patek Quilts ~ lovely applique

Jan Patek Booth

Brenda Riddle ~ ALWAYS love her designs

Brenda Riddle booth

Betsy Chutchian ~ one of the fabrics used in a Frivols quilt

Betsy Kutchain


A Quilting Life ~ love the warm colors

A quilting life booth

Well, another Quilt Market under the belt.  It was fun to go as buyers this year instead of vendors as we have for the last 7 years!  We’ll have a lot of great stuff coming in through the rest of the year.  Fun fabrics, patterns, and notions!!  Hope you enjoyed the tour!!  Moda NEVER disappoints!

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3rd Market Post

Hello from Pittsburg!!  We’ve had eventful days so far.  Fun, exhausting and hilarious all rolled into one!

Here are some pictures from our booth~

Here we go!

Here we go!

left side of booth

right side of booth

One of our new patterns. The Lindsay Bag

One of our new patterns.
The Lindsay Bag


The Modern Wedding Ring collection.  Patterns available next month.

The Modern Wedding Ring collection. Patterns available next month.


Mini Diamonds for Judith

Mini Diamonds for Judith


Mini Modern Wedding Ring

Mini Modern Wedding Ring




Aussie #1

Aussie half quilt

aussie circles

Aussie #1a

The next booth coming to us from Australia (and I think WE traveled a long way!) is Pieces to Treasure I’m so in love with the way Janelle uses the toweling.  We have just brought toweling into the studio so these new patterns will be great.  Ready for some classes  with toweling?

Janelle and Jason What a nice couple!

Janelle and Jason
What a nice couple!

blue runner pieces to treasure

birds pieces to treasure

runners pieces to treasure

baskets pieces to treasure

Last but not least is Hug’s n Kisses.  I love the light look.  Helen has some adorable designs!

hug's n kisses

hugs n kissies welcome

hugs n kissies hexie's

I love the little Hexie bag on the bottom right of the display! It is made with 1/2″ hexies.   Amber and I are going to try a little hexie work on the way home.  We’ll keep our fingers busy while on the airplane.

Hope you enjoyed the tour this evening. Have you done anything with Hexies before?  The precuts or paper pieceing or ……

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August 2013

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Diamonds for Judith ~ our newest booklet

Diamonds For Judith ~ this new release has a special place in my heart.  It all started with this quilt ~

Original Diamonds for Judith

Original Diamonds for Judith

And this friend ~

Judith Lock

Judith Lock

Judith was the original owner of The Cotton Patch in Keizer Oregon.  We instantly connected when a mutual friend introduced us as Judith was putting her new store together in 2003.  Our love of quilts and fabric instantly connected us.  I helped with the final preparations to open the store and began creating samples and teaching for Judith.  And as they say…..the rest is history.

Judith is the reason I began designing patterns.  Something I had never imagined doing.  I sort of fell into it because of a need at the shop.  I’m forever grateful for the opportunities she gave me along with the love and encouragement.

We lost Judith to Cancer in 2010 but her influence in the quilting community continues and the love and influence she had will always be with us.

So I could continue and get really sappy right here but I won’t …… introducing the new and updated pattern!

The original pattern pictured above was released as a throw quilt.  We’ve made MANY!  It’s still my favorite version.  I’ve had so many requests for other sizes that this updated pattern is the result of those requests.  It has sizes from a baby/tabletopper to king, with the option of borders or not.  These are the three new quilts featured in the new pattern.

Borderless Twin

Borderless Twin ~ in Kimberly’s Garden by Maywood Studios


Bordered Throw

Bordered Throw ~ in Dashing All the Way by Hoffman Fabrics

Borderless Baby/Tabletopper

Borderless Baby/Tabletopper ~ in Flats by Moda

Pattern Front

Pattern Front

Pattern Back

Pattern Back

I love using a quilt on my dining room table so just had to enjoy this for a little bit before it heads off to be a sample somewhere.  Oh, by the way – we will have kits for this one soon!

Tabletopper size for my table!

Tabletopper size for my table!

If you’d like to purchase this pattern it’s available HERE on the Sweet Treasures website.

Thanks for joining me on this little trip down memory lane.

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June 2013

Pet Poufs!

I think it’s about time I officially introduce the new patterns we debuted at Market!  Today I’ll be featuring our new Pet Poufs pattern.  Bet you could never guess who inspired this creation!  :-)

Square with ella on black poofs in background

Yes, that would be my Miss Ella! or doodles (she’s a Labradoodle), doods for short, Ella bowbella (Sam and my nickname for her) and the list goes on……..  poor thing, it just dawned on me – I wonder if all these names are confusing to her?  They’re all said in love so I bet she gets it!  Well that was a bit of a diversion from the pattern introduction.

The pattern includes 6 sizes of Poufs that are based on standard crate sizes, so if you’d like to use it in a crate it should fit.  They are great out of a crate to!

I recommend on the pattern that you stuff the Pouf with an old comforter.  It’s really comfy, washable, cheap, good for the environment…..  and if you don’t have one laying around, grab one at a garage sale for a couple bucks, or the Goodwill.  I wonder what they thought when I left the Goodwill with 7 comforter?  And that was only one trip!

We made our samples out of Minky type fabrics.  They are soooo very cuddly.  Ella LOVES her’s.  They could really be made from any fabric.  Of course for a dog that likes to dig at its bed to get comfy, a canvas/denim would be better.  At Market Amy Barickman was showing a new line of colored denim she was coming out with and we ordered some for the beds.  It comes in yummy home dec colors and will be GREAT for the Poufs!  I can’t wait for it to get here!

We use a nice long 24″ nylon zipper that is made for bags.  It has a nice big pull tab that’s easy to grab and can be cut down to any size.  If you have troubles finding the 24″ zippers I’ll be adding them to the website soon.  If they aren’t up yet and you need one, email me.

Pet Pouf! - front cover

Front Cover

Pet Pouf! back cover

Back Cover














Other uses for the Poufs ~ the uses are really endless.  The way the pattern is written it would be very easy to modify the shape and/or size to fit your desires.  I’m going to make a stack of them for my little guys as floor pillows out of the Cowboy Minky (yes it just arrived.  I’m so excited!)  Remember the House of Shannon and the cowboy room from Market?  The Minky projects are beginning.


How ’bout some puppy snuggles!


kitty 005

My daughter’s kitty loves hers!

Archie loves the camera!

Archie loves the camera!

Bella Rose being bashful.

Bella Rose being bashful.










Archie and Bella Rose are my friends puppies.  They were 9 weeks old when they posed for these pictures.  Aren’t they ADORABLE!!


“Pet Poufs” will be a class this fall if you live locally.  Watch for the new schedule.

Who would you make a Pouf for?  We’ve had lots of fun making these and I’m sure there are many more in our future!

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