January 2016

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Monday’s Motivations

Sorry for the absence ~ Holidays, being out of town ….. lots kept me from posting.  But I’m back and ready to get back in the groove!  How are you?  How were your holidays?  Good I hope and looking forward to a new year.

looking 1-11-16

As we begin a new year there’s lots of reflection and planning for the future.  Both are good but we can become obsessive about it.  Getting stuck in the past, which cannot be changed, accomplishes nothing.  Focusing all our attention on the future can absolutely rob you of the present.

I loved the way the quote above puts this.  Suggesting our looks back and forward are done in a healthy way.  We need to plant ourselves in the present, being grateful and living a life where we extend grace and love to ourselves and others.

I hope and pray as you enter 2016 that you are hopeful and expectant of a year full of Joy and Love.

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January 2013

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Be Grateful

Be Grateful is the next topic on the New Years inspirational sign.



Where you place your focus has such a HUGE influence on your mood and attitude.  Margaret mentioned in her comment on the New Years post that she’s “been doing grateful acknowledges throughout the day.  Reading scripture & positive stories.  Living a more positive and appreciative life.”  For some of us this comes more naturally than others.  There’s days when it’s easy and days when it’s really tough.

There’s a little hymn that we used to sing a lot in the church I attended as a child.  When I can’t seem to shift my focus I sing this over and over again in my head and I literally can feel my stress level dropping.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,

look full in his wonderful face,

and the things of earth will grow strangely dim

in the light of His glory and grace.



When our eyes are on the Lord, on HiS GLORY and GRACE, the things of earth truely do grow dim as the little chorus says.

I know we live here on earth, and we have to deal with hurt and disappointment but we can chose to focus on that, letting the “ticker tape” in our mind run with negative images and thoughts or we can chose to change the message running through our mind.  I hope you’ll chose the positive, however small it might be.

When my youngest was in grade school he would come home from school always talking about the negative in his day.  I wanted to change that tape running through his mind.  I decided that each night when I tucked him in we should both tell each other something we were thankful for.  We called it our thankfuls.  One night I asked him what he was thankful for and he said “your fingernails.”  I thought that was so cute.  I had artificial nails that I guess felt extra good when I’d scratch his back.  He loved having his back scratched while we talked before tucking him in.  Thankfuls can be as simple as FINGERNAILS!

snoopy grateful

Find the things in your life to be grateful for every day!

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