February 2016

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Monday’s Motivation

don't really wait 2-8-16

Live life each day!!

Easier to say than do isn’t it?  Sometimes it’s easier and more comfortable to just wait, put it off.  We tell ourselves, “now’s not a good time”, “it’ll be easier, or work better later” ….  Don’t wait, GO FOR IT!!  What are you waiting for?  Life has no guarantees.  None of us want to reach the end of our life and say. “I wish I had _____”.  And none of us know when our life will end.

So live each day to the fullest.  Take chances, be vulnerable, dream big.  Yes you may fail, you could get hurt, BUT you could succeed, you could experience relationships and experiences you only dreamed of!!  No matter what the outcome, you will be a better, stronger person for it.

Each day – choose to be happy, choose to have a good day, take chances and live big.  Don’t wait – go for it!!

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January 2013


The second topic from “the sign” is DREAM BIG!  To be honest, when I started thinking  on that my initial thought was “I don’t have the time or energy for a new dream!”

In the last few years I’ve been blessed with big dreams coming true and the heartache of dreams dying.  There are truly lessons to be learned in both.  The Lord has been with me all the way and I’d NEVER want to walk through any of them without HIM!


So after pondering a little longer on the DREAM BIG, my two dreams for this year is to Simplify my life and to get fit and be healthier.  These are truly dreams for me and I will be working hard to accomplish them.  I loved Jills comment back on the New Years post (scroll back and read it if you haven’t).  I could just feel the calm and peace in her words.  That’s my dream.

As far as, get fit and be healthier…..I know that’s what everyone says at the beginning of a new year but through the years I’ve just gotten lazy and to busy to really focus on healthy living.  Yes I did the big diet and lost a bunch of wieght but it wasn’t a reasonable way of eating that I could do for life, so that’s my dream.  I’ve spent my life cooking for large groups (family of eight when I was a teenager and my family of five), now that I’m just cooking for myself it’s so different and doesn’t feel worth the effort so I’ve got to adjust and adapt - in a healthy way.

Any tips for me?  I love all your input.  There are some amazing comments about simplifying your life and the results of living a simpler life on the last post.

Wherever you find yourself in life be sure and DREAM!  It doesn’t have to be big but, dream.  It’s good for the soul to be working toward something.  What’s your dream for the year?  however big or small.

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