September 2015

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Monday’s Motivation

Autumn contentment 9-27-15

Have you started nestling into fall yet?  I’m enjoying the sunny yet fallish days we’ve been having here in the northwest!!

For me, summer was a VERY busy season this year.  I was gone a lot.  Good busy but a bit to busy.  Today I did some much needed cleaning and began my fall decorating.  I lite my “Pumpkin Wreath” scented candle and got in the fall spirit!  I really like this quote.  It sums up that redirection to home that fall brings.  When the weather causes us to slow down a bit.  I hope you get a chance to slow down, focus a little on your home.  Add a few Autumn accents, light a candle, get that flannel backed quilt out to cuddle with on chilly evenings ….. whatever makes fall special to you.

Hmmm, some hot apple cider sounds good about now.

Happy Fall everyone!

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December 2014

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Decorating with Quilts for Christmas part 2

As promised ~ here’s a peek into how I decorate with quilts for Christmas.  I love decorating and playing around with the décor in my home.  This year is my first Christmas in this home (I moved this year).  So it’s been fun to play around with things – it’s been very different than my previous home I was in for 28 years!

I don’t really use the traditional Christmas red and green.  I’m not fond of the color green so I use it sparingly.  Mostly just in plants.  Blue is my color and it gets worked into every season!   The picture below came through my facebook feed asking “what is your Christmas color scheme”.  So, what’s yours?

christmas color

This is mine.  This little striped ornament pretty much says it all!

My color scheme

Welcome!  This is my dining room where there will be quite a few Holiday meals this week!

Dining Room

A little closer look ~ I love creating vignettes where everything is “connected”.  Arranged so that everything blends together and could be considered one unit.  The quilt on the wall is hung low enough to be part of the vignette with items on the buffet overlapping the quilt a bit.


The coverlet draped on the top of the buffet was a find this fall at a vintagey sale I went to.  I was so excited to find it!  It’s long and a bit narrow, either a twin, or I think it may have been intended to be used as a tablecloth.  A coverlet is a top that has been finished with a back, no batting or quilting.  They were summertime covers for beds.  This coverlet was hand pieced and has a beautiful red crochet finished edge.


At another one of those vintagey sales I purchased these two side tables for my living room.  I loved the shape and the two shelves.  I didn’t want a bunch of stuff to dust or more clutter so I’ve just placed a folded quilt on the bottom shelf.  It adds color, interest, and softness.  Neither of the quilts are “Christmas Quilts” but they just bring in the color I’m after.

angel side table

reindeer table croppedI rarely use tablerunners in the traditional fashion.  I love draping quilts.  They soften the edges…… of everything!  A quilt rolled up in a basket for a little more color and simplicity.

snowman table

A Christmas Tree Skirt of course!  This is the supersized version of our Centerpiece Tablemat pattern.

tree skirt

I have an ottoman for a coffee table right now.  I love layers so I’ve got a light gray matlesse, layered with a square quilt set on point.

ottoman quilt

Anybody out there remember “Snowman Sam”?  He was the very first Sweet Treasures pattern – exactly ten years ago this month.  My home has a room off the main area with double doors that is very open to the rest of the main area.  Since I don’t need an office there, I’m turning it into a play room for the littles in my life.  They can be near everyone when we are together but not under foot.  It works out really well.

snowman Sam

So that’s my style for Christmas.  A little vintage, glitter, red & blue, and a lot of fabric.  Quilts make a house a home.  They add softness and comfort.  Use them any way.  Hang them, drape them, roll them, cuddle under them.  ENJOY THEM!!

Now that I’m all decorated, we’re waiting for Santa (wink, wink)!


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December 2014

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Decorating with Quilts for Christmas part 1

I’d like to introduce you to Judie ~ Judie was our hostess today for a lovely brunch.  She’s beautiful inside and out, giving, compassionate and an incredible musician, and spectacular quilt maker.

As we enjoyed her beautiful home I thought, “what a great job she’s done incorporating her beautiful quilts into her collections and décor.  She graciously allowed me to take pictures to share with you.  Sorry they are only from my phone – so not perfect but you’ll get the point.

As you enter her lovely home she incorporated this fun Candy Cane Wallhanging with her entryway décor.

candy cane 2

A lovely Tablerunner graces the top of her beautiful grand piano.

piano 2

A pretty Tree Skirt that coordinates with her ornaments.

tree skirt 2

Judie does her own machine quilting and uses her embroidery functions on her machine to make beautiful blocks.  Isn’t this so perfect in the niche above her fireplace?

fireplace 2

A square quilt that could be on the wall or any size table, graces this sweet little end table.

table 2

Judie has a short wall on each side of her bay window in her breakfast area and tucked one of these little Tree Quilts on each side of the window.  Darling!

dining trees 2

With sweet little collections tucked in here and there, this little runner tops a bookcase and complements her figurine collection.

collection bookcase 2

Last but not least, a beautiful “quilt as you go” quilt on her bed.  Sprinkled around the room are other quilts, on a quilt rack and on her dresser.

bed 2

Judie is very thoughtful as she considers her projects.  She plans and coordinates her projects with where she plans to use them.  Her home has a lot of quilts on display but it doesn’t feel cluttered or overdone.  I think coordination is the key.  For example, she has a number of quilts in her bedroom but they are all in the same colors and coordinate so well that it’s calming and gives a comfy feel to the room.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour!  Thanks Judie for sharing your beautiful home!!  Hugs to you!

Part 2 in the Christmas Decorating will be from my house.  Coming soon!!

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January 2014

Monday’s Motivation

Happy Monday!  Are the Christmas decorations all packed away?  Lights off the house?

At this point I always look around for something fresh.  I love Christmas decorations but I’m usually ready to be done with them once the holidays are over.  How about using some quilts in a different way?  As most of you know I love to decorate with quilts and I guess I use them in untraditional ways.  Since I’m packing things up for the move  I’m not doing a whole lot of decorating right now so I thought I’d show you a couple ideas from Pinterest.

quilt on table

I always have a quilt on my table.  It doesn’t usually cover the whole table like this one does but I love the look.  Isn’t a quilt on the table dangerous you ask……well I guess it could be but take into consideration how the table’s used.  This would be great for a decorative table that isn’t used much.  It would totally set the mood for the room.  I love it!  For me, my favorite table quilt is a 40″ – 50″ square placed on point on the top of the table.  It rarely gets anything on it.  We use placemats when we eat, but of course don’t use anything you’re not willing to wash.

blue and white quilts on beds

I adore Blue and White!!  Wouldn’t you love to curl up and take a nap in this lovely attic bedroom?  What I love about the use of these quilts is that they don’t match in the sense that they are the same pattern/fabrics.  The color ties them together.  Also, you can see other bedding hanging beyond the edge of the quilts.  I used to get so hung up on the fact that the top layer in the bed had to cover EVERYTHING ….. I’m glad I got over that!  :-)  I’ve actually gotten to the point of loving seeing all the layers.  As long as they are neutral and all blend together – bring on the layers!  This also frees us up from a quilt having to be an exact size.  Yippee!

quilt on coffee table

Doesn’t that lovely quilt add so much to the room?  It’s the focal point bringing in color, texture and softness.  This quilt is folded – Again, we don’t have to get all hung up on quilts being “just the right size”.  Manipulate them into the right size.  Fold, scrunch, roll …… It adds interest.  I’ve used quilts on a large ottoman/coffee table.  On that soft surface I like to top it with a tray for a solid spot to place things.

Hope you’ve enjoyed a little “Quilt Decorating” inspiration.  I’d love to hear how you’re decorating with your quilts as we start the new year.

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