December 2015

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Monday’s Motivation

it's not in the presents 12-7-15OK – true confession time.  Do you ever reach a point during the Christmas season when you think, HELP, I can’t do all this?  If you’re answer is yes, I’m with you.  Every year I think, next year will be different.  I’ll start earlier, I’ll keep it simple, I’ll delegate ….. but every year I still seem to have that moment (or day (s) ).  But it’s all good/fun stuff I tell myself.  I’m doing it for others …..

I celebrate Christmas because it’s the day our world has chosen to celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He loves me, guides me, extends amazing grace to me, fills me with joy,  gives me hope, none of which I deserve.  He’s chosen me and you, all we have to do is accept that love and believe!!

Soooo if I share that Love, the love of the Lord, that’s what truly matters.  If the decorations are beautiful, that’s just an extra.  If the presents get wrapped, great!  If dinner doesn’t burn, fantastic!!  None of those things matter if they’re not done out of love, with a happy and joyful heart!  If there’s a little dust here and there, and that extra plate of cookies isn’t made, it’s OK as long as I’ve loved those I’ve been in contact with throughout the season.

I hope you don’t feel preached at!!  You really just joined me for a sermon for myself!  I’m going to make loving, my number one priority these last couple weeks before Christmas.  It truly is, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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November 2015

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It’s Sale Time!


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December 2014

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Decorating with Quilts for Christmas part 2

As promised ~ here’s a peek into how I decorate with quilts for Christmas.  I love decorating and playing around with the décor in my home.  This year is my first Christmas in this home (I moved this year).  So it’s been fun to play around with things – it’s been very different than my previous home I was in for 28 years!

I don’t really use the traditional Christmas red and green.  I’m not fond of the color green so I use it sparingly.  Mostly just in plants.  Blue is my color and it gets worked into every season!   The picture below came through my facebook feed asking “what is your Christmas color scheme”.  So, what’s yours?

christmas color

This is mine.  This little striped ornament pretty much says it all!

My color scheme

Welcome!  This is my dining room where there will be quite a few Holiday meals this week!

Dining Room

A little closer look ~ I love creating vignettes where everything is “connected”.  Arranged so that everything blends together and could be considered one unit.  The quilt on the wall is hung low enough to be part of the vignette with items on the buffet overlapping the quilt a bit.


The coverlet draped on the top of the buffet was a find this fall at a vintagey sale I went to.  I was so excited to find it!  It’s long and a bit narrow, either a twin, or I think it may have been intended to be used as a tablecloth.  A coverlet is a top that has been finished with a back, no batting or quilting.  They were summertime covers for beds.  This coverlet was hand pieced and has a beautiful red crochet finished edge.


At another one of those vintagey sales I purchased these two side tables for my living room.  I loved the shape and the two shelves.  I didn’t want a bunch of stuff to dust or more clutter so I’ve just placed a folded quilt on the bottom shelf.  It adds color, interest, and softness.  Neither of the quilts are “Christmas Quilts” but they just bring in the color I’m after.

angel side table

reindeer table croppedI rarely use tablerunners in the traditional fashion.  I love draping quilts.  They soften the edges…… of everything!  A quilt rolled up in a basket for a little more color and simplicity.

snowman table

A Christmas Tree Skirt of course!  This is the supersized version of our Centerpiece Tablemat pattern.

tree skirt

I have an ottoman for a coffee table right now.  I love layers so I’ve got a light gray matlesse, layered with a square quilt set on point.

ottoman quilt

Anybody out there remember “Snowman Sam”?  He was the very first Sweet Treasures pattern – exactly ten years ago this month.  My home has a room off the main area with double doors that is very open to the rest of the main area.  Since I don’t need an office there, I’m turning it into a play room for the littles in my life.  They can be near everyone when we are together but not under foot.  It works out really well.

snowman Sam

So that’s my style for Christmas.  A little vintage, glitter, red & blue, and a lot of fabric.  Quilts make a house a home.  They add softness and comfort.  Use them any way.  Hang them, drape them, roll them, cuddle under them.  ENJOY THEM!!

Now that I’m all decorated, we’re waiting for Santa (wink, wink)!


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