Monday’s Motivation

don't really wait 2-8-16

Live life each day!!

Easier to say than do isn’t it?  Sometimes it’s easier and more comfortable to just wait, put it off.  We tell ourselves, “now’s not a good time”, “it’ll be easier, or work better later” ….  Don’t wait, GO FOR IT!!  What are you waiting for?  Life has no guarantees.  None of us want to reach the end of our life and say. “I wish I had _____”.  And none of us know when our life will end.

So live each day to the fullest.  Take chances, be vulnerable, dream big.  Yes you may fail, you could get hurt, BUT you could succeed, you could experience relationships and experiences you only dreamed of!!  No matter what the outcome, you will be a better, stronger person for it.

Each day – choose to be happy, choose to have a good day, take chances and live big.  Don’t wait – go for it!!

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