May 2015

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Mondays Motivation


breath of air 5-24-15

So what type of person are you?  Do you stop, take a break, evaluate and reset?  Or do you just plow ahead, don’t look right, don’t look left just GO GO GO!  Stopping to reset doesn’t come naturally to me.  I have to remind myself to breathe, take a break and reset.  It’s so easy to just keep going and loose sight of your original goals and priorities.

It’s important to take those breaks to breathe, refocus and nurture who you are and refocus on where you want to go.  Don’t get so busy you loose sight of who you are and who you want to be.

Treat yourself to a break this week!!

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May 2015

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Moda at Quilt Market 2015

For the last few years Moda has been grouping all their designers booths around the perimeter of the sales area.  It’s fun to see them all in one location instead of spread out in the nearby rows.  Their booths are always lovely and full of inspiration.  I thought I’d save most of these pictures for a blog post.  It gives you a better look at the photos and would be crazy to post them all on social media, ONE BY ONE!

So enjoy the tour through the Moda designers booths.

Fig Tree ~ Farmhouse line coming in September!

fig tree booth


Miss Rosie farmhouse quilt

Vanessa Goetzen’s 2nd line with Moda ~ Gooseberry

Vanessa Goertzen booth

Gooseberry Vanessa Goertzen

V & Co ~ loving her color lines!  We’ll be getting part of this line.

v and co booth

V and Co bags

V and co dresses

Kansas Troubles

Kansas Troubles booth

Minick & Simpson ~ I’m soooo in love with the “Dots” quilt!!

Minick and simpson

Janet Clare ~ lovin the blue and stars!

Janet Clare booth

 Corey Yoder ~ new designer, we’re getting her “Prairie” line

Corey Yoder

Prairie capsets

 Prairie quilt

 Basic Grey ~ “Mon Ami”, yep we’re getting this one!

Basic Grey booth

 Basic Grey bench

 Bunny Hill ~ the Doxie quilt ……

Bunny Hill Booth

 doxie quilt

American Jane ~ LOVE the balloons! 

American Jane Booth

 Erin Michael ~ new designer yes that’s a quilt on the floor!

erin Michael booth

 purebread quilt

1 Canoe 2 ~ also new designers

1 canoe 2 booth  1 canoe 2 quilt

 1 canoe 2 Tucker Prairie

 Me & My Sisters ~ love the spools and jars!

Me and My sisters booth

Pat Sloan ~ FUN!

Pat Sloan booth

Jan Patek Quilts ~ lovely applique

Jan Patek Booth

Brenda Riddle ~ ALWAYS love her designs

Brenda Riddle booth

Betsy Chutchian ~ one of the fabrics used in a Frivols quilt

Betsy Kutchain


A Quilting Life ~ love the warm colors

A quilting life booth

Well, another Quilt Market under the belt.  It was fun to go as buyers this year instead of vendors as we have for the last 7 years!  We’ll have a lot of great stuff coming in through the rest of the year.  Fun fabrics, patterns, and notions!!  Hope you enjoyed the tour!!  Moda NEVER disappoints!

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May 2015

Spring Quilt Market

It’s that time of year again.  I’ve been to Spring Quilt Market which was in Minneapolis this year.

I realized after leaving that I hadn’t told those of you that read the blog about the annual blog contest.  So sorry ~ If you’ve been on Instagram and/or Facebook you’ve probably seen the posts.  If not the details are below.  The contest will end Tuesday evening so if you’d like to participate you still have time.  Go check out the posts on one or both of the social media platforms.  Would love to see you there!!  I brought home all sorts of fun goodies for the giveaways!!

market contest

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May 2015

Monday’s Motivation


dont ruin today - 5-17-15

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend!

Have you ever had a bad day?  We all have haven’t we!  Does a bad day turn into a few bad days …. a week?  Sometimes it can be so difficult to move on from a bad day.  It lingers into the following days when it doesn’t need to.  It’s so helpful to treat each day as a new start, a clean slate a do over!

Put the troubles of yesterday out of your mind.  Start your morning with something positive, set your day up for success with positive thoughts, uplifting music a chat with a special friend that will be an encouragement to you, whatever nourishes your soul.  You can set the tone for your day.

How will you choose to start your days?  Make them GREAT!!

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