June 2014

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Monday’s Motivation

never let anyone dim your light 6-30-14

Shine as bright as you can, ALWAYS!

There will be people in your life that may be jealous or envious.  Try to sabotage your efforts or just be negative around you and those you live and work with.  Don’t let anyone drag you down and dim your light.  Strive for your very best and shine the brightest you can!


This week is our annual family week at the cabin.  My kids and grandkids come for as much of the week as they can to play and celebrate Independence Day.  It’s always a great week!

family collage

The fun’s already begun!

Surrey rides, squirt gun fights, shopping trips and yummy food.  Jason and Heather will be joining us later in the week.  There’ll be swimming and games, stories and picnics.  On the fourth there’ll be a parade, BBQ and fireworks.

With such busy lives I’m so thankful for the times we can play together.

I hope you have a great week with a little time to play and celebrate our great country and the freedom we have.

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Blessings ~


June 2014

Are you Cruising with us?

Did you know?  Have you heard?  We’re going on a cruise!

Cruise with Sweet Treasures to beautiful Alaska!

We’re having a Quilting Cruise!!  We’ve been getting the word out using various different media’s and thought it was about time to chat about it here on the Blog.

We’re cruising round trip from Seattle Washington,

September 4 – 1 1, 2015

It’s going to be SO MUCH FUN!  My sister and I went on a quilting cruise to do a little investigating back in January.  It was AWESOME.  Click HERE to check it out.

HERE’S a link to the Cruise Flyer.

Click HERE to take a look at the newsletter where I chatted about all the details.

I guess rather than bore all of you that already know about it and have heard all the details I’ll leave it up to you to click on the links above for more info if you’re interested.  I sure hope you’ll consider it!  I’d love to have you join us.  Family and friends are welcome!  You don’t even have to be a quilter to come along!

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June 2014

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Monday’s Motivation

troubles in God's hands

There is such a peace in knowing it’s not all up to me (you)!  If you let God, he will carry your burdens.  He will handle your problems.  He will give you that indescribable peace.  I’m so glad I don’t have to do this life all by myself.  The One who knows and sees all, promises to never leave me or forsake me.

Do you have problems you need to give to God?  You know – you don’t have to do this life in your own strength.  He WANTS to carry your burdens and give you peace.

I hope you have a peaceful week.

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Blessings ~


June 2014

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Holmes County, Ohio – Amish Country

I’d love to show you a little of our trip to Holmes County, Ohio ~ Amish Country.  After Quilt Market in Pittsburg, we took the 2 1/2 hour trip to Holmes County, Ohio.  We visited Berlin and Millersburg primarily.  What a contrast from Pittsburg to Amish Country!!

croppedfavorite farm with little white bridge



Holmes County has the highest population of Amish in the world, 50,000 people.



I think what struck me first was the peacefulness.  There was just a quiet calm everywhere.  The Amish people we had the privilege of meeting and visiting with, had that peaceful calm about them.  No hurriedness.

The countryside was beautiful, dotted with white well kept farms.  The Amish travel in their buggies or by bicycle.  They share the roads with the cars and trucks.  That was a little nerve racking for me as our driver.  They seem so vulnerable.


couple in buggy

buggy in field

favorite farm with little white bridge


We visited a farm touring the inside of a farm house, taking a buggy ride and visited the quilt shop.

living room kitchen sink

buggy ride

in the buggy

farm animals 2

Gramma Fannies quilt barn

Amber hoped to purchase an Amish quilt when we visited and she found one she loved!  It was made by Carol pictured to the left of Amber.  It made it extra special to meet the quilter who made the quilt.  Rosie, to the right of Amber likes mini’s!  Isn’t the mini she showed us amazing?!

amber rosie and carol

spinning star mini

Other sites along the way.

farm life

4 horse plow

horse and buggy sign

Buggy at Quilt Shop

Pictures never do a place justice.  I hope these gave you a little feel for what Amish country is like.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit, I highly recommend it!

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