January 2014

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Quilt Cruise in the Caribbean!

Sorry for the technical difficulties!  As some of you noticed, the pictures in the last post were upside down.  :-(  We think we’ve gotten to the bottom of it.  Long story short, the way I took the pictures on my iphone caused them to be upside down in mobile applications which include ipads and maybe tablets?  Sigh……Computers will be the death of me some day!

My sister Brenda and I have been wanting to try out a quilting cruise for some time.  Partly because it just sounded like a GREAT vacation and partly as research.  We’d like to host a quilting cruise ourselves sometime.

The cruise was to the Eastern Caribbean, hosted by Liz and Brenda Lou of Scottie Dog Quilts in Eureka California.  They were great hosts!  They treated us with lots of surprises and fun along with great projects.  They traveled with 14 suitcases to put on this cruise for us!


On the three days we were at sea Liz and Brenda Lou demonstrated techniques used on the three projects offered (along with some fun, small project demos).

Caribbean Breeze quilt

Caribbean Breeze quilt

Zipper Bags

Zipper Bags


Quilter's Tote

Quilter’s Tote

We had the option of purchasing kits, pattern only and bring our own fabrics, or just bring our own project.  Brenda and I choose to do the quilt and zipper bags.  Here’s our quilts.

My Quilt I got my center done!

My Quilt
I got my center done!

Brenda's Quilt

Brenda’s Quilt
She got her rows done! I adore the soft blue and gray.

Here’s some blocks from other quilters Caribbean Breeze quilts.

Here’s a few shots of the meeting room that was open for us 24/7  for quilting.  We could go sew anytime we wanted.

right side sewing group

left side of room

Here’s some other projects the gals were working on while at sea.

tote project 2jeannies quilt











quail quiltgreat totes











chickenborderless quilt












The Group~

group pic

We visited St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Nassau.  I love the colors of the Caribbean!  It was so beautiful.  It was in the 80′s most of the trip.  Here’s a little sampling of the sites from the islands.

caribbean color in Nassau lighthouse


st thomas view

ST Thomas license platetour bus in St Thomas







yellow building

pink house

blue church

Carribean color in St Maarten

St. Maarten courthouse


St Maarten beach

cruise ship parking lot


Brenda’s a bird watcher.  She enjoyed hunting for birds on St. Maarten and I got a few good shots.  I love shooting flowers and I found a little lizard while Brenda spotted a large iguana.

I’d love to hear what you think about a quilt cruise.  Have you been on one?  Does it sound like fun?  Would you consider going on one?  We are thinking of doing an Alaska cruise summer of 2015.  Would you like to join us?

Hope your week’s been good and you have a GREAT weekend!!

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January 2014

Studio Update

For those who might be new to the blog, here at Sweet Treasures we are not only a pattern design company we have a classroom studio space.   I had the studio built three years ago.  A separate space at my home.  It’s been GREAT! We’ve had so much fun and taught so many fun projects.  As we continue to grow the business we’ve quickly outgrown the space (about 600 square feet).

Back in November I purchased a new residence with a separate shop building that could be remodeled into a new, larger studio.  The 2400 square foot space has room for an office, large storage room for the online store, food prep area and classroom.  The remodeling began the first of December here’s a link to the first post – getting started.

Fast forward 2 months and here we are!  It’s getting exciting!  I walked in today and they had the carpet rolled out so it would flatten out.  They will be installing tomorrow.

entry corner

Picture 1 ~ This is the view from coming in the door.  There’s a storage space on the opposite side of the facing wall.  This will be a wall of fabric cabinets and the large cutting table will be at that end.  The freestanding wall to the left has a food prep area behind it.

food prep area

Picture #2 ~ This is the freestanding wall with the start of the food prep area.  Behind me is a short hall with the bathroom at the end.  If you look at Picture #1 this is the upper left corner that can’t be seen.

design corner

Picture #3 ~ Continuing clockwise around the room, this is the other end of the food prep area looking toward the entrance (short hall to door that you can’t see).  The wall creating the short hall has the website storage room behind it and the office beyond that.

storage room corner

Picture #4 ~ I’m now standing at the opposite end of the room from the entrance.  The food prep area is behind the wall you’re looking at.  There will be a counter along this wall for serving snacks and lunches for all day classes.

As you can see it’s coming together nicely!!  My contractor said it should be done by the end of the week.  :-)  I have a cabinet maker coming in tomorrow morning  to plan out the cabinets and counters that are needed – then it’ll be ready to move in.  I CAN’T WAIT!  We’re going to have so much fun quilting away in the new space.  I hope you can join in the fun!

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January 2014

Monday’s Motivation

Sorry for the absence last Monday!  I was on a Quilt Cruise (more on that this week)!

This made me smile  :-)

sunbeams from your face 1-27-14

This echoes the saying “the eyes are a window to the soul”.  What’s inside us literally does shine out through our eyes, speech, attitude, and choices.  It’s so important to cultivate our “insides”.

Coming this week ~ an update on the studio progress and I’ll tell you all about the Quilt Cruise.

Hoping you have sunbeams shooting from your face this week!

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January 2014

Monday’s Motivation

happy ~ Happy ~ HAPPY!!

be happy

Happiness is contagious!! 

Have you noticed that when you’re around someone who is really happy it rubs off?  You can’t help but feel happy.  I have a friend that is always positive and happy.  When she walks in a room everyone smiles.  She greets you with a smile and such positivity you always leave her presence feeling good.  No, her life isn’t perfect but she chooses to focus on the positive and be happy.  We have an impact on those we come in contact with.  What impact will you have?   I want to spread happiness like my friend does.  Have a happy week my friends!

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